What is a Pre-licensing Seminar for Florida Auto dealer Training?

Posted on Mar 4 | by William Stephen

If you’re new in Florida and are ready to set up an auto dealer business there, it is advisable to know all your responsibilities before you start. Remember, the licensing process for auto dealing in Florida is a bit complicated. It requires you to be vigilant and patient. So if you're seeking a guide to help you walk through all the details, including a pre-licensing seminar for Florida auto-dealer training, you're warmly welcome. We are going to clear the decks for you!


Requirements to Become a Licensed Auto Dealer in Florida

If you don't want to stir up a hornets' nest, you must meet the requirements for auto dealer licensing in Florida. Here is a brief overview of the significant details that you should fulfill to apply for an auto dealer license

  • First of all, you must have a proper auto dealer location that will be examined and approved by the examiner from your business' local FL Bureau of Dealer Services.(You can consult from the application Form HSMV 86056 for the license as a mobile home, motor vehicle, or recreational vehicle dealer, which tells all the requirements needed to meet your prospective business location).
  • Until this inspection is completed, you must postpone signing the lease for your potential business location.
  • Get yourself enrolled in an auto dealer training program in Florida
  • By the end of completion of the training, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. Keep this certificate safe as you will need it during the licensing process.
  • In the next step, you need to go to each officer of the dealership serving as a vendor for the FL Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and get your electronic fingerprints taken.

Apply for an FL Car Dealer License

The documents and papers that you need to submit to get your auto dealer license dealer in Florida to include:

1. A completed application form HSMV 86056 for a License as a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, or Recreational Vehicle Dealer. To ensure the acceptance of your application, carefully review your application and attach the instructional booklet.

2. The certificate you received from an approved pre-licensing dealer training school.

3. Proof of approval of your business location by Officer or Compliance Examiner(Regional Office).

4. Reasonable proof of:

  • Identification
  • The electronic fingerprints taken with the FDLE
  • Lease or ownership for your dealership’s location

5. A surety bond of $25,00 (Form HSMV 86020), or Form HSMV 86057, from an authorized bank in Florida, as an irrevocable letter of credit.

6. A copy of your:

  • Business Registration from Florida division of corporations that state you're eligible to start a business in Florida
  • Fictitious/ business name registration with Florida division of the corporation

7.  Proof of:

  • Business automobile insurance and general liability 
  • General liability insurance

8. The election of corporate directors is evident through meeting minutes and corporate papers.

9. Your deferral employment identification and sales tax number.

10. The fee required for each primary location ($300) and the annual fee for Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Trust Fund ($40).

11.  A payable check to DHSMV
Once you have all the documentation and papers ready, submit everything, including the fees, to the Bureau of Dealer Services Regional Office.


Pre-licensing Seminar for Florida Auto Dealer Training

It is evident from the pre-licensing requirements that a pre-licensing seminar for Florida auto dealer training is a crucial requirement. Therefore, here is a compact guide for you about how to become licensed as a Dealer Training School.

Section 320.27(4)(b), Florida Statutes, has set different lengths of training courses for different types of licenses. As for FLHSMV topics, the training length should not exceed 8 hrs. While for topics relating to other regulatory agencies, the length must not exceed 24 hr. 

Along with this, the regulatory agencies having jurisdiction over certain subject matters must approve the curriculum for other subjects.


Process of Licensing

Fill out the following forms and submit them to the FLHSMV along with the textbook or school curriculum:

  • Application for a License as a Motor Vehicle Dealer Training School
  • Agreement form between the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) and the Applicant
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Training School Requirements
  • Application for a License as a Motor Vehicle Dealer Training School Instructor

Responsibility of Dealer Training Schools

All the dealer training schools must submit their textbook or curriculum to
Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FDHSMV)
Dealer License Section
Bureau of Dealer Services
2900 Apalachee Parkway
Neil Kirkman Building, Room A 312 MS 65
Tallahassee, Florida 3239

In addition, if the applicants of dealer training school have any queries regarding the process, they can speak to a representative by contacting the Dealer License Section at 850-617-3003 (press 1).


Types of Classes Offered in Pre-Licensing Seminar

There are two types of classes offered in pre-licensing seminars for auto dealer training in Florida.

Pre-licensing for all license types
This type of class includes training in registration and titling of motor vehicles, laws relating to deceptive and unfair trading practices, laws relating to financing regarding operations like pay-here/buy-here, and other necessary information determined by the FLHSMV that will promote good business practices.

Continuing education for independent motor vehicle dealers only
This includes 8 hours. As per the curriculum, the Continuing education must consist of a minimum of one hour of the issues regarding FLHSMV, two hours of legal or legislative issues, and the information about motor vehicle industry topics in at least five hours.

The FLHSMV will review the curriculum or textbook, provide the required changes and provide it back to the Applicant. Once the Applicant submits the needed corrections, the FLHSMV will approve the curriculum and issue the training classes license. 

At the dealer training schools, the instructors are approved by FLHSMV to conduct the continuing education and pre-licensing classes. 

After all this process, the dealer training school makes its way to the list of the FLHSMV approved dealer training schools.


In Conclusion

Attending the Florida dealer educational seminar is a mandatory requirement that all auto dealers must meet to get a Florida auto dealer license. The pre-licensing training seminar is just a 2-day course that equips you with all the information regarding Federal dealer compliance, Florida motor vehicle dealer laws, how to report sales, etc. In addition, this pre-licensing training seminar will get you a certificate in your dealer application parcel. 


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