16 hour Pre-License course for Florida Auto Dealers

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$ 110
  • 42 Unit
  • 9 Months
  • Unlimited
  • English

Course Description

This all online state-approved course satisfies the 16 hours required to become a Florida independent used auto dealer (VI), a wholesale motor vehicle dealer (VW), a motor vehicle auction dealer (VA), or a salvage motor vehicle dealer (SD). Upon payment, you have instant access to your classroom.


  • Lecture 1Denial_Suspension or Revocation of License Grounds
  • Lecture 2Denial_Suspension or Revocation of License Grounds - More Prohibited Acts
  • Lecture 3Discontinuations, Cancellations, Ron-Renewals, Modifications and Replacement of Franchise Agreements
  • Lecture 4Dealer Licensing
  • Lecture 5Licensing Period and Requirements
  • Lecture 6Corporate/Parnership Information
  • Lecture 7Sale of Recreational Vehicles by Mobile Home Dealers
  • Lecture 8Business Ethics
  • Lecture 9Special Licensing Requirements-Franchised Motor Vehicle Dealer Applicants
  • Lecture 10Filing an Initial License
  • Lecture 11Modification after a License has been issued
  • Lecture 12Keeping and Maintaining a License
  • Lecture 13Record Keeping/Dealer Operation
  • Lecture 14Merchandising: Operating in Good Faith
  • Lecture 15Dealer Operations 2
  • Lecture 16Trades and Other Situations
  • Lecture 17Processing of Title and Lien Work
  • Lecture 18Wholesale Transactions
  • Lecture 19Fair Business Practices Act 1
  • Lecture 20Federal Trade Commission and Dealer Requirements
  • Lecture 21Fair Business Practices Act 2
  • Lecture 22Processing Registrations
  • Lecture 23Privileges
  • Lecture 24Electronic Title and RegistrationSystem
  • Lecture 25Electronic Filing System
  • Lecture 26Compliance
  • Lecture 27Bureau of Motor Vehicle Field Operations
  • Lecture 28Administrative Disciplinary Actions
  • Lecture 29Electronic Filing System
  • Lecture 30Government Laws
  • Lecture 31Tax Calculations
  • Lecture 32Records
  • Lecture 33Methods For Computing Estimated Tax
  • Lecture 34Tax Laws
  • Lecture 35Wages, Reporting, Penalties and More
  • Lecture 36Applicable Florida Tax Rules
  • Lecture 37Trends in the Auto Dealer Industry
  • Lecture 38Definitions-1
  • Lecture 39Definitions-2
  • Lecture 40Low Speed Vehicles
  • Lecture 41Garage Liability Insurance
  • Lecture 42Florida Auto Dealer FINAL EXAM

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