8- Hour Continuing Education Training for Licensed Dealers

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$ 15
  • 24 Unit
  • 6 Months
  • Unlimited
  • English

Course Description

This online course satisfies the Florida Continuing Education requirements for Auto Dealers. Using state of the art video lectures providing you with the most advanced Dealer Training available in the industry today.


  • Lecture 1Dealer Operations
  • Lecture 2Merchandising: Operating in Good Faith
  • Lecture 3Trades and Other Situations
  • Lecture 4Sale of Recreational Vehicles by Mobile Home Dealers
  • Lecture 5Processing of Title and Lien Work
  • Lecture 6Wholesale Transactions
  • Lecture 7Processing Registrations
  • Lecture 8Privileges
  • Lecture 9Electronic Title and RegistrationSystem
  • Lecture 10Electronic Filing System
  • Lecture 11Government Laws
  • Lecture 12Records
  • Lecture 13Methods For Computing Estimated Tax
  • Lecture 14Wages, Reporting, Penalties and More
  • Lecture 15Applicable Florida Tax Rules
  • Lecture 16Business Ethics
  • Lecture 17Fair Business Practices Act 1
  • Lecture 18Fair Business Practices Act 2
  • Lecture 19Garage Liability Questions and Answers
  • Lecture 202 Hour Legal Updates and Information Concerning Auto Dealers
  • Lecture 21Closing and Professional Advice
  • Lecture 22Determining The Bid Price of the car
  • Lecture 23OBD Scanner Operation
  • Lecture 24IMPORTANT- Florida Dealer 8 Hour CE Online Course Notificiation

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